ASM, part of the Barry Callebaut family, develops products like you’ve never tasted before.  We offer speed and flexibility in the production and development of specialty compound chocolate, fillings, inclusions and decorations.

A taste of tradition

Our company was founded almost 70 years ago. The ownership may have varied, but the focus of our business has largely remained the same. Today we’re part of the Barry Callebaut family, with who we share a common history of compound and confectionery expertise.

A taste for innovation

Our development department is the beating heart of our business. Our product engineers passionately discuss, think, test, develop, test again and finally convert innovations into a ready-to-use part of your manufacturing process. And there’s definitely a method to our madness. We follow a carefully-formulated working process where respect for your brand and product strategy is never disregarded. Our business is to enhance your business through inspiring and trustworthy partnerships. That’s why we produce both cocoa based and fruit based ingredients, and have separate production facilities for fat based and water based products.

Do you want to discover your next taste?

A matter of taste

We supply ice cream manufacturers in around 30 countries. The Scandinavian bakery sector knows us as market leader. On the dairy front we have grown from being a national supplier to a European reference in just 10 years. Do you want to discover our innovations for your market?

Scandinavian excellence

ASM aspires to a standard where consensus and a down-to-earth attitude are encouraged. This “Scandinavian model” is a determining factor in our success story. A winning combination of pragmatism and innovation is the best guarantee for groundbreaking creativity in everyday applications. Our values perfectly reflect the ethics of the “New Nordic Cuisine”, where demand for good taste is combined with contemporary knowledge of health and well-being. In preparing food, we want to share purity, freshness and simplicity and the ethics we wish to associate with our market.