Crispy Whispers

Let your products sparkle

Discover our Crispy Whispers

Do you want to set your market on fire? Add some sparkling magic to your products? Our Crispy Whispers are exactly what you’re looking for. Small, simple yet extremely powerful, they provide an easy way to create the most delicious and crazy creations. As special inclusions or decorations for your products, they offer an endless range of new and exciting possibilities. Our Crispy Whispers are available in all possible colors, tastes, sizes and textures, dazzling every single one of your senses.

  • Mint chips
  • Bakestable
    Lime chips
  • Bakestable
    Lemon chips
  • Mini passion fruit chips
  • Salty toffee chips
  • Bakestable
    Golden vanilla chips
  • Orange chips
  • Cherry chips
  • Mini raspberry chips
  • Peppermint chips
  • Mixed chips
  • Blueberry chips
  • Blackberry chips
  • Blue chips
  • Bakestable
    Mocca chips
  • Bakestable
    Liquorice chips
  • Bakestable = Bakestable